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It is no coincidence that you are reading this right now. For years the church has been waiting on God to show Himself and for clear direction.

Throughout these easy-to-read pages you will find stories told by a simple man. You will also see what God laid in his heart and worked in his life. I believe God’s voice is blowing like an unstoppable wind, moving throughout the earth today. He is telling us that the time has come where we will personally experience what generations before us have been praying and hoping for. The moment has arrived to see Jesus for who He really is and to set free what has been inside us for so long, longing to be revealed to this world.

Do not miss out! Get involved in ensuring everyone you know, yearning for God’s next move on earth, gets their hands and eyes on these books. Enjoy this journey. Your life will never be the same as you fall in love with your Father again.

About Wynand

I truly believe God does not use golden vessels but broken vessels, I am a testimony to that. As a simple man who heard the call of God to shout out to the church of today, reminding us of the following: God heard your cries as you were calling unto Him for years and He saw your heart. God is the same today as when He led Moses and His nation out of captivity and yes, He wants to use you and I in a way that no one would have thought possible during these times! I see the veil being lifted from people’s eyes all across the earth, especially in the East and I know we will see this during our lifetime. Please follow me on this journey where your life will never be the same again. Discover falling in love with our heavenly Father again by reading the entire series called The Colors of LoveDo not just drink in these messages yourself but ensure you enrich the lives of multitudes by blessing them with it.

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